A region that is experiencing an opening of doors to the Gospel.

New opportunities for the Gospel

Asia remains one of the largest pockets of unreached people groups. It has significant populations of other religions that have traditionally been resistant to the Gospel. However, new economic and political freedoms have opened the region to an unprecedented opportunity to spread the message of hope in Jesus Christ.

Local champions in Asia are able to make significant impact for the Gospel by mobilizing trainers and workers as well as the printing or procuring of Scripture materials for evangelism and discipleship.

Our work in Asia

Total Scriptures placed last year

New Followers of Jesus last year

What Asia needs

  • Training for local champions to reach the previously unreached people during this new opportunity for the spread of the Gospel.
  • The establishing of local churches within these villages hearing the Gospel and receiving Bibles in their languages for the first time.

You can transform the region of Asia with the Living Word of God

  • $40 sends 2 children to a Children’s Ministry program
  • $50 provides for 1 Adult Ministry class or 10 Bibles
  • $100 helps equip and train a local champion

Become a Cornerstone partner by pledging a monthly contribution of $40 or more.

Stories of transformation in Asia

A Local Champion in Cambodia

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