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From sea to sea

At just over 150 years since confederation, Canada is changing fast and faces new spiritual challenges. Bible reading and Scripture engagement is declining at an alarming rate, with only 11% of Canadian Christians reading their Bible at least once a week*.

The share of people who report having no religion will continue to grow, to about a third of the population compared with 24% in 2011**. With the increase in immigration and minority religions in Canada, many first-generation Canadian children are not hearing the Gospel.

* Source: Bible Engagement Study, 2013 (
** Source: Statistics Canada Population projections (

Our work in Canada

Total Scriptures placed last year

New Followers of Jesus last year

What Canada needs

  • Establishing of new churches across the country.
  • Children’s ministry programs for a variety of people groups including First Nations and immigrant communities.
  • Raising up of local champions to stimulate Bible Engagement and the spread of the Gospel.

  • $40 provides Bible resources for 4 children
  • $60 helps to start new churches
  • $100 provides for 1 adult in an Adult Ministry class

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Stories of transformation in Canada

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