In the Spring, you responded to the need for Bibles —Christ’s message of hope— in South East Asia. This is one of the situations 10,000 Bibles were delivered to:

In Myanmar, also known as Burma, the military junta seized full control of the government in February 2021. This sparked nationwide peaceful protests which turned into a civil disobedience movement. Citizens from all walks of life took part. But protests were met with violence and deadly force. A shadow unity government formed in exile and encouraged citizens in every village to rise up with arms. Enraged, the military ramped up efforts to bomb villages and search every house for resistance leaders. More bloodshed.

Recently, ministry teams said over 200,000 villagers were seeking shelter in the lowlands from bombing. But the military was blocking main roads and preventing people from reaching safer areas. In many of the mountain areas, it is a warzone and it is now moving into the lowlands.

All of this as the pandemic rages. In Myanmar, untold thousands have died, and we may never know the full number of deaths that occurred this past year. Many ministry workers were sick with COVID-19 and some died or lost family members. The military made vaccines and protective equipment scarce. Hospitals were unprepared with limited supplies and inadequate staffing. Where is the hope in all of this? Ministry teams have continued to work in this chaos. Each week 30-40 ministry leaders meet online. Through their efforts, praise God, 10,000 Bibles got through checkpoints into Myanmar!

These faithful partners, by the work of the Holy Spirit, are able to share these amazing results in difficult circumstances:

167 house churches started

86,226 evangelistic contacts

4,597 baptisms

9,913 new believers

Please pray for these ministry partners and the heartbreaking situation for the people of Myanmar. Your support, standing together as brothers and sisters in faith, greatly encourages them. The people of Myanmar need Jesus!