I had so much hurt in my past it seemed there was no hope for me.”

For Dara, who lives in Myanmar, the pain of sexual abuse began at age 7 at the hands of her stepfather. Filled with fear, anxiety and shame, Dara hated what was happening, but her stepfather threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

With the threat of jail, her stepfather stopped abusing her, but Dara’s pain did not end. She was tormented by anger and depression for many years — and even tried to take her own life. After she married, Dara directed this anger at her husband.

Then Dara and her husband were invited to join a Bible class at a church in her community. God began to speak to her troubled heart through His Word, and Dara came to understand how much He loved her.

“I went to God in prayer and confessed before him how the anger was hurting my marriage,” Dara says. “Not only did He forgive me, but He began to change me.”