“I love teaching children about Jesus,” says Madonna, a local champion and Values Education volunteer in the Philippines. “I want to help them live a different way than I did. I still remember how I used to live before I came to know the Lord.”

Madonna married at a young age. She and her husband engaged in many vices and unhealthy activities. “Our lives were totally a mess,” she says. “We fought a lot. The smallest things would easily start a big fight between us.”

Living a miserable and hopeless life, Madonna and her husband began to look for answers to their problems. But they looked in all the wrong places. Madonna started to gamble, and her husband drank too much. Their problems grew larger than any resources they had.

Then, they met Paulita, a local champion trained through your support. She invited them to join a Bible study group and search for answers in God’s Word. “We came to know the Lord because Paulita ministered to us and cared for us,” Madonna says. “God’s mercy and grace totally changed our lives. We gave up drinking and gambling. We started living for Jesus.”

Today, Madonna and her husband have a child of their own. They have more opportunities to make sure the next generation knows about Jesus and His love and care for them. “We are so grateful to God for this blessing and all the blessings He has given us,” she says. “We serve Him with all our hearts. He continues to bless us with the good things that money can’t buy.”