Pray for Canada

Pray for Canada! We have seen that this simple act is enough for Christ to transform hearts, lives and circumstances. Join us in praying for our country in the following areas:

  • Our Government: Pray that God will guide our politicians and elections, and that the Spirit will be present in all local and national decisions that affect Canada.
  • Our Growing Communities: There are few churches to support our rapidly growing cities. Pray for more spiritual workers to bring discipleship to Canada’s diverse urban communities.
  • Our People: Canada welcomes immigrants of all backgrounds, and this gives us an unprecedented opportunity to share Jesus’ message. Pray that God will call Christians to reach out to their neighbours to share the Good News.

Prayer requests

Prayer Request: Week of August 14, 2022

Pastor Elizabeth’s passion is to teach others about Jesus and she is eager to begin new church groups. The training she and other leaders from her area are receiving will equip her to do that. But in this part of Africa, Bibles are in short supply, not just for the new churches they hope to begin, but even for the leaders!

Please pray that there will be enough Bibles as these pastors and leaders go out into their communities.

Prayer Request: Week of August 7, 2022

Imagine a pastor or leader, attending their first day of training to start new churches, without a Bible. Or that they would look around the class and see that no one else has a Bible either. In Africa, pastors like Elizabeth are eager to receive the training to start new churches, and nurture them, but most of them lost all of their possessions in recent flooding.

Please pray for proper equipping so these leaders, eager to serve their communities, will receive the Bibles they need!

August 7, 2022|

Prayer Request: Week of July 31, 2022

It is happening, right in their public school classroom! Kids in the Philippines are hearing about Jesus. Through the National Values Education Program, each child receives a Bible, and a trained volunteer teacher helps them discover the truth of Christ found in God’s Word!

Please pray for the children, and the teachers as they share the Good News of Jesus.

July 31, 2022|

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