All Peoples. Everywhere.


by the Living Word of God.

Transforming nations

Our goal is to see all peoples, everywhere, transformed by the living Word of God. Through our various ministry programs led by local champions, we continue to see evidence of God's transforming power in amazing ways. Here are the regions that we are currently working in:


Current projects

We are continuously working in over 40 countries around the world to provide Scriptures and training, so that people prepared by the Holy Spirit will be brought into relationship with Christ and His Church. Here are three of our most recent projects that need your support.

Believers in persecuted regions struggle to stand strong. They need the Living Word of God to strengthen their faith and share with others. “In jail, I am harassed and beaten, but Jesus died for me — I can stand strong for Him. [My country] needs the Lord. There are so many people here looking for truth. The Bible is the answer.”

In Ethiopia, local champions are focused on bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to village after village. Many are turning to Jesus — the One true source of hope during these anxious times. And every new believer is desperate for a Bible of their own! You can fill the need for the one true source of hope during these anxious times.

Hear from trained local champions in Myanmar, leading thousands of new believers to Jesus. These new Christ-followers are WITHOUT Bibles! Local champions working in the Phadei Chin region in Myanmar report there are 15,000 believers — but there are no Bibles to give them. Other regions in Myanmar also report: NO BIBLES!

What makes us different

Transforming communities through local champions

We don’t send North Americans abroad. Instead, we work to equip and train local champions – local Christians within their own countries – to start new churches and reach people through adult and children’s ministries.


It’s local champions who can best understand and love their local communities. The Bibles you send equip these champions in more than 40 countries.

Cornerstone Partner Program

Join the Movement!

Monthly giving. Holistic community transformation. Your contribution of $40 or more a month makes a long-term impact and sees children and adults experience holistic transformation from the inside out. Monthly Cornerstone donors like you help build Christ's Kingdom in countries around the world. Watch regional videos, choose a region and receive special reports and invitations.

Cornerstone Partner Program

Transforming your walk

We hope these resources will inspire your daily walk as Kingdom citizens!

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