What we do

Our ministry spans more than 40 countries worldwide across four different ministry programs.

A global ministry

We partner with Christian Ministry Organizations to reach people in over 40 countries worldwide. This work falls into four categories of programs: Children's Ministry, Starting New Churches, Adult Bible-Based Literacy, and work within the Persecuted Church.

We equip local champions to bring God's Word to people living in spiritual and physical poverty. The power of the Holy Spirit is working to transform communities, and even entire nations, from the inside out.

Children's Ministry

God’s Word ignites young hearts and minds. When children meet Jesus, their hearts are transformed from the inside out. With your support, we work with local partners to introduce children to the love of Jesus Christ. Sometimes all it takes is one child to inspire an entire family to enter the Kingdom of God and to start their own churches in their communities. Many of these young believers grow up in war-torn villages where spiritual oppression and demonic worship is the norm.

We reach out with compassion to offer several life-changing programs, including Children's Bible clubs, Bible vacation school,  and partnership with national governments to overhaul education systems.

Adult Ministry

Illiteracy is still the stronghold that keeps millions of people in poverty around the world. Brushed off by society and lacking opportunity, many illiterate men and women feel a deep sense of unworthiness.

Working with our local partners, we use the Word of God to teach men and women how to read and write. Each lesson goes beyond basic literacy: we teach practical life skills such as hygiene, sanitation and small business skills. Every part of our literacy program is infused with the Biblical perspective, helping students see their true worth in the eyes of Jesus. New practical and spiritual tools help these men and women mature in their faith and confidently walk into their God-given future.

Starting New Churches

We empower individuals to transform their communities from the inside out through in-depth discipleship training programs. With trusted mentors, genuine faith, and deep love for their neighbours, our local champions can spark powerful movements within their communities. We support these modern-day disciples because we are inspired by their faith, courage, dedication, and strength of character. Together, we can bring the love of Christ to the most remote corners of the world.

This training includes mentorship from experienced leaders, tools for sharing God's Word and hands-on guidance to start 1-2 local churches where there are currently none.

Persecuted Church Ministry

Amazingly, persecuted believers around the world don’t look to us to end their struggle. Instead, these courageous men and women ask for just two things: Scripture resources and prayers. We provide Bibles to build up communities of oppressed believers and we pray that God will strengthen their resolve. Global partners help us continue this work even with risks to their own lives.

The digital Bible is an intriguing and exciting ministry tool, which has revolutionized the process of placing God’s Word into closed or restricted nations. Digital Bibles offer thousands of unlimited Bible versions and resources in many foreign languages. Even when there are fears that their mobile device will be checked, they are able to remove the card and easily hide it. Whether through digital Bibles or 'traditional' Bibles, in the midst of their persecution, there is tremendous victory as the gospel is preached and many come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.