Joint ministry partnerships

We can accomplish more together

In the face of immense challenges, we join hands around a shared love of Christ. Our joint ministries are founded on the same values and a deep passion for bringing God’s Word to unreached parts of the world. We support each other by sharing expertise and access to local networks, empowering all believers to bring their faith to communities and nations.

We are privileged to work in partnership with a number of other organizations listed here.

Acts 29 Canada
Advisors with Purpose
BFM Foundation
Forum of Bible Agencies International
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada
Lift Church
Mission India
Multiplication Network
New Life Prison Ministries
One Hope Canada
Reach A Village
Westwood Alliance Church

Executive team

Bob Beasley

Senior Vice-President

My Why

“The transformational impact of BLC strategic ministry programs drives me to serve.”

Bob Beasley,
Senior Vice-President

Andrew Dorricott

Vice-President, Ministry Advancement

My Why

“In my open Bible I found Jesus. I want others to find Him, too.”

Andrew Dorricott,
Vice-President, Ministry Advancement

Tanya Hauser

Chief of Staff

My Why

“I love people and kingdom focused work.”

Tanya Hauser,
Chief of Staff

Paul Richardson

President & CEO

My Why

“Christ is building His Church, one person and one nation at a time.”

Paul Richardson,
President & CEO


We are members or affiliates of the following organizations, which share the values and mission of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus amongst all nations and peoples, seeking holiness, justice and transformation at every level, individual, family, community and culture.

Canadian Centre for Christian Charities
Forum of Bible Agencies International
Digital Bible Society
Canadian Bible Forum
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
World Evangelical Alliance