Giving God control

Giving God Control

Have you ever completed an exercise at camp or school where you had to let someone lead you through a series of obstacles, blindfolded? This is a common trust exercise that is created to help people place their trust and well-being into someone else’s hands. It not only shows us the control that we believe we have over…

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Cultivating the Ground for God

Cultivating the ground for God

As we enter into the middle of October, we find ourselves in a season of harvest and thanksgiving. Farmers are reaping the rewards of months of hard labour, as they bring in their crops to sell or to store in their barns for the winter months. During this time of year, I always think about the following spring,…

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It’s worth it

Is life easy? No. Life is filled with sickness, death, hurt and heartache. It is, however, also filled with love, patience, kindness, and happiness. Many times as Christians, we believe that when we ask God into our lives, the pain and sadness will cease to exist. This is not the case as these emotions are a part of…

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Walking with Jesus

Walking With Jesus

Whenever I open up my Bible to read the scriptures, I always turn to the New Testament and the writings of Matthew. I do this because I want to relive the incredible experience that Matthew had while witnessing the life of Christ. How incredible would it have been to walk with Christ and see the kingdom of Heaven…

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A life inspired by God

Some people do not pursue what they are passionate about because they are afraid of failing. For some, it hurts more to try and fail, than to not try at all because their passions are close to their hearts. How does the above statement make you feel? Can you align with the message that you would rather not…

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Speaking into each other’s lives

We are created to be in community with one another! God encourages us to make friends, establish relationships and show love and kindness to others. There are many ways that we can love people such as by giving gifts, spending time with one another, sharing laughter, and providing support during times of trouble, but we can also speak into…

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ONE DOMINION: A new blog series

Maple Leaf Kids

In honour of Canada’s upcoming 150th anniversary we are starting a new blog series through June and July looking at the Christian men and women that have shaped this great nation. To celebrate, Bible League Canada has produced a one-of-a-kind book to capture the momentous celebration of the Dominion of Canada. With inspiring accounts of individuals who founded our country…

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Understanding your personal value

How much are we worth? Where do we find our value? These are questions that many of us ask as we wrestle with other people’s judgements and compare ourselves with the expectations and beliefs of society. It can be easy to question our value based on our clothing, income, personal appearance, skills and talents, but God says that…

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Video Report for South Sudan

News outlets around the world are now reporting on the crisis in South Sudan. The situation continues to worsen and there are over two million people in refugee camps in neighbouring countries. Bible League Canada has been involved in Children’s Ministry in South Sudan since 2012*. Now, through our joint ministry partners, we are working in…

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