For no word from God will ever fail.

Luke 1:37 NIV

Listen to Words from the Heart

Nothing is Impossible

The online article “6 Reasons to Love Canada” says “Finally, there’s the sheer size and diversity of Canada. It’s a huge place that has a bit of everything. The eastern part of the country is vastly different from the western part. You’ll find lakes, great plains, mountains, forests, and a diverse range of cities. It would be impossible to compare Montreal to Toronto, for instance — they’re just so different. When you take a trip to Canada, you can expect to have a whole host of different experiences, and that makes it extremely exciting.”


We have all been disappointed by the broken promises of others. Human beings are far from perfect, and even if someone simply forgets something they said they would do, we feel let down. And we have to be honest here – every one of us has been the one who has failed to keep a promise. Maybe that’s why some people find it so difficult to trust God. If you ever take the time to read something on social media written by someone who has walked away from God and the Church, often they have done so because they have been disappointed by the action of others who claim to be followers of Jesus and it exactly why we need to keep our eye on – and trust in – the One who can never break a promise or let us down. As the angel says to Mary, in Luke 1:37: “For no word from God will ever fail.” God was about to do the impossible – Mary, a virgin, was going to conceive and give birth to the Messiah. God kept His word. He will for you as well.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley