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In order to provide the best service and experience to our customers, Bible League Canada items can now be purchased through our trusted partner, Parasource Marketing and Distribution.

All profits from sales will continue to be directed to Bible League Canada ministry, and your favourite products continue to be available. You can still add a donation when completing your order and, as usual, you will be issued a tax receipt by Bible League Canada for your gift.

Bible League Canada will continue to provide Canadians with relevant and enriching Biblical resources to train and equip you and your community. This partnership with Parasource will not only enhance the service and experience you will receive, but also allow us to make the maximum impact with the proceeds of your purchase, to see the Living Word transform the lives of all peoples!

To place an order:

Any questions about Bible League Canada products, shipping, and invoicing will be answered by a helpful Customer Service Representative at Parasource or use the “chat box” function for immediate assistance on the website.

Upon purchase, the invoice detailing the specifics or your order and/or payment owing will be issued by Parasource Marketing and Distribution. Whether you order online, by phone, email or mail, instructions for payment will be clearly stated.
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