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We believe that EVERY Christian should have access to a Bible in their own language—so they can read, study, and apply God’s Word to their lives. At Bible League Canada, we have a passion to share the Word of God to all peoples, everywhere. Not by exporting Christianity, but by working with local believers in villages, neighbourhoods, and cities worldwide. Through ministry partnerships with Christians in nearly 50 countries, we share God’s Word so that His Spirit might work in the hearts of those reading it.

But in order to do this critical work, we need YOUR support.

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  • Support a global, collaborative network of more than 3,500 local ministry partners who work in 30+ languages in almost 50 countries.
  • Equip Christians facing intense persecution to grow in their faith and share the hope of Jesus with their neighbours.
  • Build healthy, multiplying, and sustainable churches in places where there are none so that the Gospel can spread into the farthest reaches of our world.
  • Sustain long-term relationships with partner ministries, not one-time projects, so that local communities will be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your gift right now will place Bibles into waiting hands and support local believers in almost 50 nations who are building healthy, sustainable churches in their communities.

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