Mealea prayed to spirits and idols, the traditional guides for life in her village in Cambodia. But joy and peace did not follow. She felt angry all the time and often quarreled with her husband. Their children were frequently sick, and even though Mealea paid the local witchcraft practitioner to treat them, they never seemed to get entirely well. Peace was hard to come by in their lives. Incense and prayers for help from the spirits went unanswered. Life felt hopeless and unhappy.

Then Mealea heard about Jesus. A pastor, a local champion trained through your support, and armed with a Bible provided by you, visited Mealea. This book said God promised joy, peace and hope. Mealea listened closely — was that possible? God opened her heart to His Word, and Mealea joyfully became a new believer in Jesus Christ. Tears ran down her face. The pastor prayed with her for her family. Mealea accepted the pastor’s invitation to Bible study and worship group. The next week, she brought her family!

Recently, Mealea shared, “Since I believed in Jesus Christ and asked Him to be my Lord and Saviour, my life has been changed. I have joy and hope. God has changed my heart, to give me new life with Him. I stopped worshipping spirits, and I learn more and more about God when I read my Bible. And, my family believes in Jesus now too! Thanks to God for giving His grace to me and my family!”

The Bible you provided, for just $5, helps Mealea and her family grow in their faith in Jesus Christ!Mealea has many neighbours, and there are many more villages in Cambodia. Please pray that more Bibles will be placed, and the Word of God will fill many more hearts!