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India In Crisis: Emergency Relief

Your gift today will feed a family of 4 for a month!


Extraordinary times
call for extraordinary measures

COVID-19 has escalated into a humanitarian crisis in India, impacting the poorest of the poor. Our long-time ministry partner in India is already responding, but they desperately need your help: ministry workers are without food.

Even before the pandemic, almost 200 million Indians were malnourished. And now, with limited or no access to a daily income during the nation’s lockdowns, many of our ministry workers can’t afford food, even if it is available for purchase!

You can feed a family of 4 for a month
with a specially designated emergency gift of $50.

Families in India are in need.
You can bring relief to families in India!
Preparing Relief Kits
Preparing relief kits for families in need.

This is an extraordinary appeal from Bible League Canada: FOOD instead of Bibles. Feeding souls is vital. But today, the very people that carry out this vital work are in desperate need.

You can provide a Relief Kit that includes basics like lentils, rice, oil, and milk powder. And to meet health and hygiene needs, items like face masks, sanitizer, and fever reducers are also included.

The situation is dire!
$50 feeds one family for 4 weeks.

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