Let us know your thoughts about religious persecution.

Millions of people each year suffer from religious persecution worldwide. Many of these are Christians at daily risk of harassment, imprisonment, and in some cases, even death.

Do you believe that EVERY person should be allowed to freely worship God without fear of persecution?

If so, please take 30 seconds to complete our five-question religious persecution survey below. As a follower of Jesus, your feedback is critical and informs our work to reach persecuted believers with the Living Word of God.

1. Do you believe that people should have the freedom to worship Jesus without fear of harassment?
2. Do you believe that religious persecution is growing worldwide?
3. Do you believe that Christians have a responsibility to comfort those persecuted for their faith and intercede for their rights?
4. Do you believe Christians facing persecution should have access to the Bible in their own languages?
5. Do you believe that God’s promises in Scripture can bring peace and hope to those facing persecution?