Let us know your thoughts about the Bible’s impact.

Millions of believers lack access to the Bible in their own language as oppressive governments continue to fight to suppress access to the Word of God.

Do you believe that EVERY Christian should have access to a Bible in their own language — so they can read, study, and apply God’s Word to their lives?

If so, please take 30 seconds to complete our five-question Bible Impact survey below. As a follower of Jesus, your feedback is critical and informs our work to reach persecuted believers with the Living Word of God.

1. I believe that the Bible reveals God’s glorious plan for humanity and the salvation that is found in Jesus Christ.
2. I believe understanding the Bible is an essential part of teaching, preaching, and fulfilling the Great Commission.
3. I believe Christians need access to God’s Word in their own language to grow in their faith.
4. I believe that access to the Bible can help to unite and strengthen Christian communities.
5. I believe that Christians have a responsibility to help provide Bibles to those who lack access to God’s Word in their own language.