Worshipping God in India

Worshipping Group

Having arrived in India on Friday, Bible League Canada’s group of staff and donors spent the weekend learning about the work taking place to start new churches, meeting local champions involved in the work, and even got the chance to attend worshipping groups on the Sunday.

The group were impressed by the individuals they met but also by the attention to detail that goes in to the ministry of starting new churches.  One donor remarked, “I have never seen such a strategic approach to planting churches and spreading the Gospel!”

On Saturday they learned about starting new churches at the Institute for Community Transformation which is where Indian believers are trained and equipped to go out and start new worshipping groups in their communities.

Ashley, a Bible League Canada staff member, shared the story of one young woman they met:

“Today we heard the story of Monica who found Jesus in her teenage years. She described being so filled with Jesus that it overflowed and she couldn’t help but tell all her friends about Jesus. In Monica’s words, when she heard the gospel message, ‘It resonated!’ Finally, something made sense and would release her from the oppression of worshipping all these gods. Monica finished school and went to Institute of Community Transformation to learn more about the Bible and is in the early stages of planting her church.”

The next day, the group split up and attended several of the local worshipping groups.  These groups may not resemble what we picture when we think of a church but as Ashley describes the Lord is moving through these small worshipping groups.

“It was truly a privilege to sit in a small church with many women and children to worship God this morning. To see ‘the glow’– the exuberance– in the eyes of the children and to hear them raise their voices to worship Jesus. There is nothing like it; It sounded like heaven to me! As Jack shared from our group, ‘The Holy Spirit is at work in India!’ He truly is. In this particular village there are 3000 families and only one Christian church. Today about 55 people gathered in that church to hear God’s word. Imagine what is going to happen because of this church planter, his dedication and love for the people!”

The weekend is one that the group will not soon forget having seen how alive the church is in India and the impact that trained and equipped local champions are having on their own communities.  God is truly doing incredible things in this nation!