Words from the Heart for Wednesday July 26th, 2017

You will arise and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to show favor to her; the appointed time has come.

Psalm 102:13 (NIV)

The Appointed Time has Come

Whenever our God tells us what time it is in His plans, we can begin to be both excited and filled with hope and expectation. Once again we are reading about the favour of the Lord directed to those who are His own people. No need to fear that we are forgotten by the Lord. He can be counted on as faithful.

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Canada has lagged behind many other developed nations in the use of ecommerce, according to a report released earlier this year by a group called eMarketer. But the report goes on to say that the time has come for ecommerce to take off in our country. Paul Briggs, who authored the report, said, “While Canada has lagged behind the US and UK in ecommerce, it is now catching up as double-digit annual gains drive what growth there is in Canada’s retail sector.” His prediction is that by 2020, 10% of all of Canada’s retail business will take place online. What’s more, consumers and retailers are embracing some of the innovative ecommerce trends that have yet to fully catch on in more advanced ecommerce markets.


God has a plan for our lives. Most of us who have come into a relationship with Him have no problem believing this and entrusting our lives to the Lord. We long to know what His plan is and we are willing to be faithful to His will. The challenge comes in trusting His timing. That seems to be the bigger issue for many. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit and often it is the fruit that is most difficult to produce. The Psalmist recognized this and waited on the Lord to come to the assistance of Zion, the hill upon which God had built His city, Jerusalem. We don’t know what the context of this Psalm is. It simply says “A prayer of an afflicted person who has grown weak and pours out a lament before the Lord.” Some commentators say it was written by David during Absalom’s rebellion but that cannot be proven by the text. Whatever the background, Psalm 102:13 speaks of God moving at last: “You will arise and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to show favor to her; the appointed time has come.” God’s appointed times. What a blessing to know that for all things, God has an appointed time. This is so for our world, generally, as well as for the lives of those who love Him and follow Him. God has a plan for your life, and included in that plan is God’s perfect timing. Learn to wait on God.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley