Words from the Heart for Tuesday June 6th, 2017

But I am like a healthy olive tree. My roots are deep in the house of God. I trust in your faithful love for ever and ever.

Psalm 52:8 (NIRV)

Deep Roots

What a wonderful testimony of a relationship enjoyed with our God! This is the Lord’s desire for us. The Spirit chose a well-known plant to describe how we can really thrive by faithfulness to our God of faithful love! A consistent life of worship and service to Him brings great reward. Others may not understand, but we need never apologize for giving our all to Him.

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When Blue Jays shortstop Tory Tulowitzki arrived in Toronto from Colorado in the 2015 season, he said he had a tough time adjusting to Canada. But he might find it a bit easier now that Ancestry.ca has discovered that he has Canadian roots – many generations ago. They discovered that his great, great, great grandfather was born in Nova Scotia. The genealogical website has been exploring the lineage of celebrities and recently turned their sights on the Jays. Lesley Anderson, a content specialist for the website, said, “We started looking at baseball players and we wanted to see how many had Canadian connections. Tulo was born in Santa Clara, California, but his four-times great grandfather David McKeen was born in Nova Scotia in the early 1790. He had seven children there, including Tulo’s three-times great grandfather, Daniel McKeen.


I’ve had the privilege of traveling to Israel on a regular basis, and one of the things that I enjoy about visiting there is to taste the delicious olive oil. Olive trees are everywhere in Israel and healthy trees produce the fruit that is used in so many ways in that Middle Eastern country. David knew, in his day, the mark of a healthy olive tree – roots that go deep down into the soil and gain for the tree the rich nutrients and life-giving moisture it needs. David uses the analogy of an olive tree when he says this in Psalm 52:8: “But I am like a healthy olive tree. My roots are deep in the house of God. I trust in your faithful love for ever and ever.” What a beautiful picture of David’s life. He understood the necessity of spending time with the Lord – putting his roots deep in God by spending time with Him. The disciplines of worship, prayer, Bible study and fasting, helped him to rule wisely, stand firm when facing opposition, and live a life of integrity. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to do likewise, and the way to do so hasn’t changed in three millennia. Like David, we are called to put our spiritual roots deep down in Jesus Christ, through worship, prayer, time in His word and fasting. From these we will draw the rich spiritual nutrients supplied by His Holy Spirit.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley