Words from the Heart for Tuesday January 16th, 2018

Then the earth shall yield her increase; God, our own God, shall bless us.

Psalm 67:6 (NKJV)

Yielding Her Increase

The Lord built the capacity for increase right into His creation. Sometimes we experience frustration when we put in much time and effort but we do not see the results we desire. Bring that issue of frustrated effort before the Lord. He desires to bless you. He sees the increase which is coming even before you experience it. Do not grow weary in your faithful effort. Commit every area of your life to Him. Expect the increase.

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The 2006 Census of Agriculture is the most recent measure of Canada’s overall agricultural performance and its wealth of data provides a valuable snapshot of the sector. In 2006, Canada had 229,373 farms, averaging 728 acres in size. Australia has far fewer operations than Canada, but much more area and an average farm size that is 11 times Canada’s average. Following the rural economic reforms in China in the 1980s, land was distributed based on the number of people in a household, creating millions of small household farms.


When God created the earth, He built health and prosperity into it. While men and women would have to work the earth and by so doing find satisfaction – ask the average farmer or gardener. But ultimately, it is what the Lord provides that brings about the increase. King David noticed this and wrote in Psalm 67:6, “Then the earth shall yield her increase; God, our own God, shall bless us.” The Lord blesses His people through the natural provision that God has built into His creation. There is nothing that we need for life that He hasn’t supplied. So within the soil He has supplied nutrients and moisture. He has supplied the rain and the sun. He gives hot days and seasons. And everything works together to produce the food and water that brings about life. And the increase comes. Men and women, farmers and gardeners, plant, fertilize and harvest – working in tandem with the Lord. But as David says, it is the Lord who brings about the increase. This is a principle of nature, and of the human heart.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley