Words from the Heart for Tuesday December 27th, 2016

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:14 (NIV)

The Light of the World

In the night, lights are seen for miles. In the same way, in troubled times, Christians are seen from afar. How is your light shining? Do people see the difference your faith makes in your life?

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The Christmas Lights Across Canada program, launched in Ottawa in 1985, was created to highlight landmarks and sites along Confederation Boulevard—including Parliament Hill, national museums, monuments, embassies and other prominent institutions—as well as to add vibrancy to the Capital during the winter months and kick off the holiday season in Canada’s Capital Region. Each year some 400,000 dazzling Christmas lights glow throughout downtown Ottawa. Throughout the country, Canadians come together each year to brighten their wintery capitals with thousands of holiday lights. Every year, as part of Christmas Lights Across Canada, each province and territory decorates its capital city and holds its own lighting ceremony to contribute to this nationwide effort. Thousands upon thousands of holiday lights illuminate the country from coast to coast to coast, symbolically linking Canadians together with a multicoloured ribbon of light.


This is a beautiful time of the year. The Christmas lights still sparkle and bring joy to the dark evenings. People love to decorate their homes and let their lights shine. Nobody puts up Christmas lights and then leaves them switched off. The purpose of lights is for them to shine. There is a spiritual application here. In Matthew 5:15 Jesus says “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” Jesus often used the analogy of light. He called Himself the light of the world, and there is no doubt that when He stepped into the world on that first Christmas, light flooded a world that had been darkened by sin. But in this case, He says that those who follow Him are also the light of the world. We are because of His presence in us. He shines through us and as He does the world notices. But Jesus also gives a warning here through the analogy of a town built on a hill. His first century followers would have understood this. At night the lights of the villages that sat on the hills surrounding the Sea of Galilee could not be missed. His point was that His light should be just as obvious shining from our lives. Sin, or disobedience, silence or a lack of compassion can hide that light. Don’t let them. Live in such a way that the light of Jesus shines through your words and actions today.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley