Words from the Heart for Thursday November 30th, 2017

Better to hear the quiet words of a wise person than the shouts of a foolish king.

Ecclesiastes 9:17 (NLT)

Quiet Words of the Wise

Once again we are reading that wisdom is preferred. Even if the voice of the king is loud, the shouting will not solve the problems unless words of wisdom are coming from his mouth. Few of us will find ourselves in the chambers of government. However, in any setting of our life, we can be guided by the Lord to bring words of wisdom. Those words will carry their own authority.

Listen to Words from the Heart


If you are looking for a bit of a quiet holiday, there is no shortage here in Canada. For example, you might consider Nakusp, British Columbia. According to HelloBC, Nakusp is “a great place for rejuvenating body and mind.” The town is between two mountain ranges, and right by the beautiful Arrow Lake. The best way to spend a quiet day there would be soaking up Nakusp Hot Springs. The gloriously warm, naturally heated springs are surrounded by beautiful, cedar-covered foothills.


I have a friend who is very quiet. He doesn’t speak very often. But when he does, a wise person listens to what he says, because what he says will be worth listening to. King Solomon understood this to be true in his day too. In Ecclesiastes 9:17 he wrote: “Better to hear the quiet words of a wise person than the shouts of a foolish king.” Emotion clouds our thinking. When we have a decision to make, or need to make a point, often there is emotion involved. It can be anger, or sadness or pain. And the emotion prevents us from clearly thinking through the options or determine a plan of action. To use Solomon’s analogy, you don’t want to get in the way of a shouting king. He is acting foolishly, Solomon says, and a foolish king is a dangerous one. How much better to take the time to think through what to say, and then when the plan is clear, to speak unemotionally and with clarity. People will listen much more carefully to what you say and there will be a lot less drama in your life.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley