Words from the Heart for Thursday June 15th, 2017

With your help we will win the battle. You will walk all over our enemies.

Psalm 60:12 (NIRV)

We Will Win the Battle

Just when we thought we might be defeated, the Lord assures us that we are not in the battle alone. He is with us. We are not left to our own strength or stamina. It is a wonderful statement of faith to be able to say, “with your help.” Victory awaits us.

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As we approach Canada’s 150th birthday on July 1, we continue our biographies of Canada’s Fathers of Confederation. Sir Hector-Louis Langevin was born in Quebec City on August 25, 1826. He was called to the bar of Lower Canada in 1850 and for 10 years, he served in the Canadian assembly of the united central Canadian provinces. At Confederation, he became secretary of state in Sir. John A Macdonald’s first cabinet. He was knighted during Macdonald’s second government, but resigned over corruption allegations in his public works department. Hector-Louis was one of 13 children. His brothers Jean and Edmond would go on to become the bishop of Rimouski and the vicar general of the dioceses of Québec and Rimouski, respectively. The three brothers were very close and are often seen to exemplify the union of Church and State in French Canada in the late 19th century.


Each one of us in involved in a spiritual battle. Every day we are aware of the temptation that comes our way, the interpersonal relationships that can so easily go awry, and the tragedies of life that come our way when we are least expecting it. They can be overwhelming but over and over the Bible tells us that victory is assured. King David had seen the Lord win many battles in his life. So in Psalm 60:12 he writes: “With your help we will win the battle. You will walk all over our enemies.” While David was a military man, the battles he speaks about here are not on the battlefields of life. They are the battles fought in the spiritual realm and in the human heart. While God did intervene in the battles fought by the army of Israel, it is the battles of the soul that really depend on the Lord for victory. Until Jesus cleanses us and empowers us by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, we are not going to walk in victory. The enemies we face in the spiritual realm are stronger than we are. But they are no match for the King of Kings, who simply speaks to defeat our enemies. Whatever enemy you are facing today, ask the Lord to win that battle. He will step in on your behalf.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley


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