Words from the Heart for Thursday July 20th, 2017

When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, Lord, supported me.

Psalm 94:18 (NIV)

God’s Unfailing Love

If you were walking on the path and started to slip, you would want to reach for someone who is not only strong but close enough to keep you from falling. What confidence and relief is ours when we consider that our Lord never leaves us or forsakes us. He’s strong and He’s available and He is with us in our time of need.

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According to Cottage Life Magazine, there are several reasons why people from other parts of the world love Canada. They asked those who visited our country what they love about Canada, and they often mentioned our colourful, plastic money. Many have actually heard the rumour that our bills are maple scented and they want to smell them to see if this urban legend is true. While Canadians don’t consider our bills to be “monopoly money” those who are not used to them consider them to be “fun” and an example of the quintessential Canadian sense of humour. Besides the unfoldable bills, foreigners love the fact that we call our coins by what they perceive to be funny names – loonies and toonies. It is so Canadian to have money that even foreigners love.


I was in Eastern Europe recently and sat watching some goats climbing on an ancient wall, stretching up with their front legs against a thin tree, reaching up to eat the low hanging leaves. How they balanced like that befuddled me. Most human beings would have toppled off that old wall. While human beings are not made to safely climb dangerous terrain, and those who do must use well designed safety equipment, in the spiritual sense we have the promise of God to keep our feet from slipping, no matter where life takes us. Psalm 94:18 says “When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, Lord, supported me.” There are lots of things that come our way on a daily basis that could cause us to slip and fall spiritually – temptation, pain, loss, grief and death. The enemy of our souls works overtime to draw us away from the Lord, keeping us so busy and preoccupied that we take our eyes of the Lord Jesus. The good news is that he never takes his eyes off us, and his unfailing love supports us even when we don’t realize how close we are to falling. God leads us to some pretty exciting places, spiritually. And as we follow him, we need the assurance that no matter where he leads us, no matter what schemes the enemy has to cause us to fall, the Lord’s unfailing love will support us and protect us. Trust him today to so.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley