Words from the Heart for Sunday May 7th, 2017

Those who do what is right may have very little. But it’s better than the wealth of many sinners.

Psalm 37:16 (NIRV)

Those Who Do Right

When we measure things against the value of having salvation and sharing in eternal life with our Lord, we get a better idea of how to think about the wealth of sinners. Doing right is God’s way. That is the choice we make as the children of the Lord. We will never regret a lifestyle of choosing His ways.

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You may think that you are a law abiding Canadian, who does what is right most of the time. But there are some interesting laws that you may have broken without knowing it. For example, in Petrolia, Ontario it is not only illegal to whistle between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM but yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling or singing is prohibited at all times. Since 1973, in Sudbury, Ontario, it has been illegal to attach a siren to your bike. Horns and bells are fine, but leave that siren at home! And now that we’ve done away with the penny, be careful with nickels. Under Canada’s Currency Act, you can’t use just nickels to pay for anything that costs more than $5. So you never need to carry more than 100 nickels in your pocket.


When is a little better than a lot? According to the principles of this world, that can never be so. Having more of everything surely must be better than having a little. There is a growing number of people in our society who are convinced that less is actually better. Known as minimalists, they are downsizing everything in their lives and learning to live with less. This is actually a Biblical principle, when it comes to the things of this world. Psalm 37:16 says “Those who do what is right may have very little. But it’s better than the wealth of many sinners.” Our goal must never be to acquire material things. Of course we need food and clothes and a roof over our heads. God recognizes this. But followers of Jesus are called to avoid the sin of covetousness – to long for material things that we see others having. We are called instead to do what is right, to focus on living according to the principles of the kingdom of heaven, even if it means we don’t always enjoy all the material blessings that this world offers. Paul the apostle said that he had learned in every circumstance to be content. That is the principle that David is laying down here. Have you found yourself discontented lately because you don’t have everything that others might have? Focus on loving the Lord and living for Him, and His contentment will fill your heart and mind.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley