Words from the Heart for Saturday July 29th, 2017

When you give it to them, they eat it. When you open your hand, they are satisfied with good things.

Psalm 104:28 (NIRV)

Satisfied with Good Things

Maybe when you were a child someone teased you by telling you that you had to force open their hand to get what was waiting for you. You likely tried very hard but perhaps they just kept putting their hand higher and higher. That is often “no joke” if we feel someone is keeping good things from us. Our God is not like that! He has an open hand. He delights in meeting our needs.

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CNN Travel recently posted online an article called Ten Things Canada does better. These are good things that Canadians do, or that Canada has to offer. The list includes things like better chocolate bars. According to Hershey’s “Canadian chocolate is higher in fat and it is a higher particle size. Hershey’s now offers a separate recipe for the more discriminating Canadian chocolate palate. “”Americans tend to gravitate toward a little more of a grittier or even cheesier flavor,”” says a Hershey’s rep. In case you are wondering, the #1 good Canadian thing, according to the CNN list is apologizing. According to the article “In Canada, apologies happen constantly — “sorries” flying in from all sides like swarms of affable killer bees. A Queen’s University poll found that 90% of Canadians aged 18-25 will immediately apologize if a stranger bumps into them.


The Bible teaches us many things about the nature of God, beginning with Him being Creator. It also teaches us that after God created everything, He didn’t just wind it up and let it go, as some people believe. How tragic that thinking is – it leaves us with no hope and nowhere to turn when life gets challenging. Fortunately, the Bible teaches that God is with us and one of His names is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who provides. The Bible often records times when the Lord has provided for His people, and nowhere is that more clear than Psalm 104:28: “When you give it to them, they eat it. When you open your hand, they are satisfied with good things.” The Psalmist here isn’t speaking just about people, but all creatures. We need to look at the previous verse here to put things into context. It says that God gives to the creatures food at their proper time. And what He provides is good for them and they eat it. All that God provides satisfies those who receive it. While this is certainly true when it comes to physical things like food and water, in a spiritual sense it is also true. What is your greatest need right now? Whatever it is the Lord will provide it at the proper time. Trust God for all that you need. He is the Lord who provides.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley