Words from the Heart for Saturday July 1st, 2017

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.

Psalm 72:8 (KJV)

He Shall Have Dominion

Faith of our fathers…living still! Early government leaders considered this verse as they chose the name: The Dominion of Canada. This verse is etched on our national government buildings. On this day we celebrate our nation. We celebrate the faith of our fathers. We look to the Lord for His Lordship over our entire nation: sea to sea to sea! We are blessed to be a blessing to our world.

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Happy Canada Day! Today is Canada’s 150th birthday and we have much to celebrate. What an opportunity we have today as Canadians to express our appreciation to Almighty God, who is the ruler of nations. Over the past few weeks, leading up to today, we have been examining the lives of our nation’s Fathers of Confederation. I have chosen on this 150th Dominion Day, to focus on one of my favourites. Born in Ireland, Thomas D’Arcy McGee, in his early years, was a radical who fought for a revolution of Irish peasants to overthrow the British. He fled to the United States and later Canada, where he reversed his views and over time became the voice of Canadian union and a strong Canadian identity. He is known as “Canada’s first nationalist.”


What a great day of celebration! The Dominion of Canada is 150 years old today. Happy Birthday, Canada! On our nation’s coat of arms is a Latin phrase “A Mari Usque Ad Mare, which in English is “From Sea to Sea.” The reason that is on the coat of arms is because during the Charlottetown Conference of 1864, Father of Confederation Samuel Tilley opened his Bible one morning to Psalm 72:8. The Fathers of Confederation were considering what term to use to describe Canada, and when Tilley read “He shall have Dominion also from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth,” he approached the rest of the leaders and suggested that the new nation be called the Dominion of Canada. The men agreed, and expressed their desire that God have Dominion over this new nation. So they included the phrase from Psalm 72:8 in the coat of arms. The Lord God is Ruler Supreme, to quote the last verse of our national anthem, over the entire world. But as Canadian Christians, we are called to allow Him to have Dominion over our lives, so that one heart at a time, He will rule supreme over our nation. If we truly want Jesus Christ to have Dominion over our land, it begins with each one of His followers allowing Him to be Lord of their lives. Does Jesus truly have Dominion over your heart? If not, what a gift to give Him for our nation’s 150th birthday!

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley

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