Words from the Heart for Saturday January 14th, 2017

The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.

Psalm 9:9 (KJV)

A Refuge

When do we need the Lord the most? The reality is that we need the Lord at all times. Yet, when trouble comes we can be assured that He doesn’t just provide a covering for us; He Himself is our refuge. The Lord will often use us to pray for others who need His intervention. As you come before the Lord, ask Him to guide you in prayer. And, thank Him that He is totally available to us.

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Canada is the second-most generous country in the world last year in terms of all resettled refugees, after the United States. All that Canada and the USA do, however, is just a drop in the bucket considering there are more than 60 million displaced people wandering the globe, according to United Nations report released this past July. That is one out of every 113 people on the planet. Also, 86 percent of all refugees are hosted by poor and developing countries. Refugees come from around the world and many make their claims in Canada. The number of people arriving varies from year to year. In 2014, more than 13,500 people came to Canada and made an asylum claim. The asylum program works to provide refugee protection to people in Canada who have a well-founded fear of persecution or are at risk of torture, or cruel or unusual punishment in their home countries.


The word refugee is used so often these days it has often lost its impact and we seldom think about the root of the word. A refugee is someone who is need of finding refuge. For political, economic or religious reasons, they need to find some place where they find protection from whatever it is that has caused them to have to flee. In a spiritual sense, we are all refugees. Sin has separated all of humankind from God and the result is not only a broken relationship with God, but with the rest of humankind. So, we face the pain of sin and guilt and the wounds of broken human relationships. In a sense, we are refugees from God and from each other. Where can we find refuge when life becomes painful and we appear to have nowhere to turn? King David had been driven from his throne by some of his own family. There can be no greater pain than this. And so, he writes in Psalm 9:9: “The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.” This was true for David and it is just as true for us today. When life becomes overwhelming and we need a refuge, the Lord is available. If you are facing such times right now, run to the Lord and you find His protection and provision.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley