Words from the Heart for Monday May 29th, 2017

This God is our God for ever and ever. He will be our guide to the very end.

Psalm 48:14 (NIRV)

Our God Forever

Some things come and are popular for awhile. Soon they lose their fame. Our wonderful God is not like that. We can accept Him as a child and then serve Him throughout our whole life. And, we will never get tired of belonging to Him. And, even though we walk faithfully with Him for many years, we still have more to look forward to. He is our forever God!

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Zoltan Sarosy is believed to be Canada’s oldest living man. And although he celebrated his 110th birthday last August, he still has a memory that predates the First World War. Sarosy isn’t sure why his memory has stayed so sharp, in a documentary on his life that was released on his birthday last year he said: “I’m still working on the formula. As soon as I have it, I will patent it and then you will have it.” He became a chess master in 1943 and those who know him credit the game to his sharpness. Filmmaker Stacey Simon, who produced the documentary, said of Sarosy: “He can remember what he did a few hours ago, or yesterday, or a week ago, as well as events in his life from decades long gone by. That makes him an amazing storyteller.”


Some of you have had a friend, or perhaps more than one, who has been a friend for your whole life. You met when you were children and remain friends to this day. What a blessing that is – a friendship based on shared memories and experiences. Those kinds of relationships are rare in our world. But they ought not to be rare when it comes to our relationship with our heavenly Father. Once we experience Him through faith in Jesus Christ, we enter into an experience that will last not only throughout this life, but into eternity. King David understood this and writes in Psalm 48:14: “This God is our God for ever and ever. He will be our guide to the very end.” There was never any doubt in David’s mind about the reality of God. God had proven Himself over and over to David, had proven His provision, His faithfulness, His forgiveness and His love. David would never turn his back on his God. I love David’s strong statement of faith here. As a follower of Jesus, I can testify to the same thing. My God, Jesus, has proven Himself true time after time. I will never turn my back on Him. He will be my God for ever and will guide me to the very end. Can you testify to this as well? How is your relationship with Him right now? Speak these words of testimony today.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley