Words from the Heart for Monday June 12th, 2017

I cry to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.

Psalm 57:2 (NRSV)

I Cry to God

Some people might come to the end of their lives never having had the pleasure of living a life of purpose and fruitfulness. They are frustrated and not sure if their lives mattered at all. Yet our God actually pledges Himself to us. He will direct us and will walk with us to fulfill His very best plan for our life. This is a wonderful life to live.

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Every now and again we hear about someone who decides to abandon everything and hide away as a recluse. Harold Lewis Sr. is a classic example. Once a key political lobbyist in Florida, Lewis was appointed State Inspector General in recognition of his support for then Governor Lawton Chiles. At one point he had negotiated Florida’s $11.3 billion settlement with the tobacco industry to recover tax dollars spent on smoking-related diseases. But he fell from grace later that year and ended up living as a recluse in remotest B.C. — a place appropriately called Crying Girl Prairie. You can’t get much more off the grid — the nearest telephone and fax at the time were more than 60 kilometers away and mail went to a post office box in Fort St. John, 190 kilometers southeast.


Young people today coming out of high school often have no idea what path they should choose moving forward. They recognize that their decisions about studies, or apprenticeship, or job hunting, will set a path for many years to come, and it can be a daunting thought. It isn’t just youth, however, that face decisions that affect the future. Adults lose their job, or are offered a new job that would change their lives and the lives of their loved ones, drastically. So the question is: how does a person make a potentially life changing decision? King David, who ruled one of the most powerful nations in his day, made decisions daily that affected his entire kingdom and the lives of many in that kingdom. Where did he look for guidance? Psalm 57:2 tells us: “I cry to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” God has a perfect plan for your life. You can trust it, because He is your creator and knows you better than anyone else. His plan will give you peace, purpose, joy and fulfillment. So, if you are follower of Jesus, get all the counsel you can from other godly people. But ultimately, you need to cry out to your heavenly Father, asking Him to reveal his will. He will do so, through counsel in His word, circumstances of life and the peace of the Holy Spirit. Take your need to Him.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley