Words from the Heart for Monday August 28th, 2017

He guards the path of those who are honest. He watches over the way of his faithful ones.

Proverbs 2:8 (NIRV)

He Guards the Path

Over and over again in the Bible the Lord shows the difference between those who follow Him and those who choose their own way. At the time we may feel that it is harder to be honest and to keep our word and His ways. However, we are reassured that He actually guards our way with His watchful care. He is faithful to us as we are faithful to Him.

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The Sleeping Giant is a formation of mesas and sills on Sibley Peninsula, which resembles a giant lying on its back when viewed from the city of Thunder Bay, and forms the city’s natural harbour. The peninsula contains some of Canada’s best hiking trails, including the challenging Top of the Giant trail. This trail is a 22.4 km return hike and as its name implies, it takes a hiker to the top of the Giant, where the views of Lake Superior are nothing short of breathtaking. It is possible to bike part way up the beginning of the trail, which isn’t a bad idea considering how long and challenging the trail is, particularly the last 2.7 kilometers that takes you to the very top of the knees of the Giant. The view is worth the hike.


Queen Elizabeth visited Canada House in London, England last month and met with Governor General David Johnston. On the way down the wet steps, the Governor General broke protocol to take the Queen’s elbow to help her down the slippery steps. It was a caring move that made news here in Canada. This is a beautiful picture of how God comes alongside us and guards us as we live our lives. King Solomon speaks to this in Proverbs 2:8: “He guards the path of those who are honest. He watches over the way of his faithful ones.” Life can be dangerous. There is much that can cause us to trip up spirituality and lead us to sin. The Bible speaks of the highway of holiness, and it is the same analogy that Solomon uses here. The man or woman who lives a life of integrity can count on God guarding their walk of faith. Those whose walk with Christ is faithful can count on God watching over us. As you live your life today, this is a great promise. As you draw close to the Lord, you can count on Him keeping you close to you, pulling you back from the brink of sin when temptation comes your way. He will guard your heart from those things that could cause you to grow cold in your life for Him. Commit your way to Him again today and count on His loving oversight.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley