Words from the Heart for Monday April 23rd, 2018

Can you shout to the clouds and make it rain? Can you make lightning appear and cause it to strike as you direct?

Job 38:34-35 (NLT)

Making the Lightning Appear

Mankind can boast of abilities and modern developments. There are many discoveries that have made life easier for us. But, there will always be those demonstrations of power in nature that cause us to stop and realize how mighty is our God! Have you been asking the Lord to make a change in a difficult situation? He will hear your cry!

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Lightning flashes occur in Canada about 2.34 million times a year, including about once every three seconds during the summer months. Each year in Canada, lightning strikes kill up to 10 people, seriously injure up to 164 others, and ignite some 4,000 forest fires. Lightning is a form of severe weather which affects Canadians often, which is why Environment Canada is working hard not only to better predict when and where lightning will strike, but to keep Canadians informed about lightning and its dangers.


Canadians love to talk about the weather. It’s a trait that belongs to those of us who live in a temperate climate where there are great swings in the weather. As someone once said about where I live, “if you don’t like the weather here, just wait a minute.” I thought that was just where I live, but I was traveling recently and the local TV weather person said the same thing! In spite of the strides we have made in science and technology, we can no more control the weather than the ancients could in Job’s day. That ought to put us in our place. Job 38:34-35 says, “”Can you shout to the clouds and make it rain? Can you make lightning appear and cause it to strike as you direct?”” This is a rhetorical question of course. The ancients could not do so and neither can we. There is actually much in this world that we have no control over and we need to be grateful for the God whom we know through Christ who does hold the world in His hands and who loves it so much.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley