Words from the Heart for Wednesday December 19th, 2018

When Joseph woke up, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded and took Mary as his wife.

Matthew 1:24 (NLT)

He Did As Commanded

We celebrate the obedience of Joseph. No wonder this righteous man was chosen by God to guard the Christ Child that would be born. Joseph did what others fail to do. He did in the morning’s light what the Lord had commanded him in the night. Sometimes we try to dismiss the word of the Lord when we weigh it against the reality of our lives. But, not Joseph. He obeyed and followed through with what the Lord told him.

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Lieutenant General J.M Lanthier is Commander of the Canadian Army. He has participated in six international deployments and two domestic operations. He deployed three times with different units to the former Yugoslavia, under the mandate of the United Nations Protection Force and the NATO Stabilization Force. He commanded Canadian troops in Kandahar Afghanistan and Haiti, and was later reposted to Afghanistan, this time in Kabul. He became Commander of the Canadian Army this past July 16, 2018.


Mary and Joseph astound me. Both of them received angelic visits and the news that was shared with them from Glory must have been staggering for them. Mary was going to be with child. It would not be Joseph’s child, but the long promised Messiah. Mary and Joseph were not yet married. That was so scandalous in their day that Joseph had every right to not only divorce her, but have her stoned to death. No one would have thought twice about it. But God was commanding Joseph to do something radical – go on with the wedding plans. And Joseph did as he was commanded. The Lord sometimes commands us to do radical things – to step outside our comfort zone in order to accomplish His plans. This is a common theme in Scripture. Think of Abraham being asked to sacrifice Isaac, Joshua to lead his people around Jericho, Gideon to take almost no one into battle. All of them did as they were commanded and all were victorious. What is the Lord calling you to do that seems extraordinary? He will call you to step outside of what is comfortable for you, in order to accomplish the miraculous. Will you obey?

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley