Words from the Heart for Tuesday November 13th, 2018

Cows will eat with bears. Their little ones will lie down together. And lions will eat straw like oxen. A baby will play near a hole where cobras live. A young child will put its hand into a nest where poisonous snakes live.

Isaiah 11:7-8 (NIRV)

New Relationships

What will happen in that future day of peace is impossible in our world as we know it. The Lord who worked supernaturally to create our world will also bring about that day. What situation do you face today that requires divine intervention? Bring it before Him. He is more than capable to work it out.

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If you are a cancer survivor, according to the Canadian Cancer Society, even after treatments have ended, relationships with family and friends may change. Often they don’t know how to react to your new role as a cancer survivor. Some people may feel that you’re healthy again and no longer need their support or help. They don’t understand that even though your treatment is over, you still aren’t feeling completely well. Your hair may be growing back, but you still feel tired and weak.


When Jesus enters our lives by faith, everything changes. The Bible teaches that before this happens, we were enemies of God. We immediately become His friend. As well, we enter into new relationships with God’s people – other Christians become our brothers and sisters. These new relationships point to God’s ultimate plan. Isaiah 11:7-8 points to this time: “Cows will eat with bears. Their little ones will lie down together. And lions will eat straw like oxen. A baby will play near a hole where cobras live. A young child will put its hand into a nest where poisonous snakes live.” What a day God is going to bring about. The entrance of sin into the world brought about animosity between animal species as well as between human beings. Jesus is going to put it all right. The most dangerous carnivores will no longer need to destroy lives to eat. Children will no longer fear harm. There is a day coming when every relationship will be made right. We long for that day. The peace that Jesus has brought to our hearts, will be the norm for the entire planet.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley