Words from the Heart for Thursday September 27th, 2018

He established them for ever and ever. He gave them laws they will always have to obey.

Psalm 148:6 (NIRV)

He Gave Them Laws

All of the universe is governed by laws that are predictable. Order, not chaos, is the result. One common example is gravity. The devil, who is God’s enemy and ours, may tempt us to think we can order our lives better than God. Let us reject that temptation and choose the ways of God. He will not disappoint us.

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Canada has its share of odd laws. For example, it is illegal to own more than four pet rats in Port Coquitlam, BC. In Alberta, it is against the law to paint a wooden ladder. If you find yourself in Fort Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan, you must have your shoelaces tied up, or you are breaking the law. In Ontario, you had better pay your hotel bill, or the hotel can legally sell your horse. And anywhere in Canada you will be arrested for trying to scare the queen.


Christians are often accused of being legalistic and are warned to live by grace and not by law. All that being said, without laws the world is left with anarchy. Laws help us to live together in community – imagine if there was no law that stipulated on which side of the road Canadians ought to drive. It would be chaos. God knew we needed order, and so early on in His relationship with the people of Israel, He established laws. The Psalmist wrote of this in Psalm 148:6, “He established them for ever and ever. He gave them laws they will always have to obey.” The context here is that of the praise being offered by heavenly bodies – stars and moon. It is to them that God gave laws, long before He gave them to His people. Without the laws of science and physics, our world would be in chaos and life would be impossible. We human beings think we are something special that we can understand the laws that govern our universe. Let us never forget that our God created the laws and set them in place. How does that help you understand God’s nature?

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley