Words from the Heart for Thursday September 20th, 2018

When my life was nearly over, I remembered you, Lord. My prayer rose up to you. It reached you in your holy temple in heaven.

Jonah 2:7 (NIRV)

My Prayers Rose Up

Just in time! That is Jonah’s testimony. The Lord heard his cry even from the depths of the ocean. The Lord will also hear our cry. Read Psalm 61:2 for yet another faith-building testimony of the Lord’s ability to rescue us when we are “sinking” in our need and in despair. Let your prayer arise to the Lord today! Share this good news with someone that you know may be struggling.

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With inflation and the new tariffs placed on certain food products, it is estimated that Canadian food prices in 2018 will rise between one and three percent over last year. For an average family of four, that represents an increase of $348 to about $11,948 for the year. About 59 per cent of the expected hike—$208—will come from consumers eating out and opting for prepared food. Much of the rest will be because of tariffs.


There are times in our lives when God seems to be a long way away from us, or the situation in which we find ourselves. It might be something we are facing that we have brought on ourselves, or something over which we have simply have no control. We pray and wonder if God can even hear us. The Bible gives us that answer in the life of Jonah the prophet. As he shares his experience in the belly of the fish, he says this in Jonah 2:7, “When my life was nearly over, I remembered you, Lord. My prayer rose up to you. It reached you in your holy temple in heaven.” God finally got Jonah’s attention, and no matter how far Jonah had fled from the Lord, when he poured out his heart in prayer, God heard him. He does the same for you. No matter how far you have fled from God, He remains only a prayer away. When you call out to Him, He immediately hears and comes to your aid. For what do you need to cry out to God today? As you do, you have the assurance that He hears you and will answer.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley