Words from the Heart for Thursday May 24th, 2018

God sits above the circle of the earth. The people below seem like grasshoppers to him! He spreads out the heavens like a curtain and makes his tent from them.

Isaiah 40:22 (NLT)

Like Grasshoppers

Our God is big! Compared to the Mighty God who created the earth, all people are as small as grasshoppers. Yet, this Mighty God who created all things is mindful of us. He knows us. He cares. He longs for us to know Him better.

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Grasshoppers like hot, dry weather. Some of the people who survived the 1930s on Canada’s western prairies have stories of how swarms of grasshoppers descended on them, eating entire fields and even farm implements and household items. Fields of corn or alfalfa or oats could be destroyed in hours. The grasshoppers would eat anything. The conventional wisdom was that grasshoppers liked salt, and so they would eat the shirt off your back, or wherever else sweat had landed.


I fly a lot, and thankfully, I love to do so. If the sky is clear and I have a window seat, I stare at the earth below constantly, particularly if we are flying over places I know. I love trying to figure out where we are – which isn’t always easy because things look far different from the sky. God always has the view from above and Isaiah 40:22 describes what his view is like. “God sits above the circle of the earth. The people below seem like grasshoppers to him! He spreads out the heavens like a curtain and makes his tent from them.” I’m sure there are many days that we all look like grasshoppers from God’s perspective. This is a powerful comparison between human beings and our creator. We think we are pretty special and more than pretty important. We puff ourselves up and many strive for power over others. To mix my metaphors, we are in reality small fish in a very large pond known as the universe. How blessed we are that the Creator loves us grasshoppers, and longs for a relationship with them. See yourself as you really are and be grateful for God’s amazing love.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley