Words from the Heart for Sunday September 2nd, 2018

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24 (KJV)

The Day the Lord Has Made

When the Lord was creating the heavens and the earth His work was divided into six days. But, our God is still able to “make” days. We can commit each day to the Lord and expect to experience what He can bring about. When He is in charge we do not need to fear nor dread what is before us. We can expect to rejoice in what the Lord will make with our day.

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As you might expect, the largest Canada Day fireworks display is held each year on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The giant Canada Day fireworks finale is best seen from three vantage points: the central loop of Confederation Boulevard, Major’s Hill Park and the lawn of the Canadian Museum of History. Vancouver boasts the second-largest Canada Day celebration in the country. The fun-filled daytime festival, the evening parade through downtown Vancouver and the fireworks show make this one of the best ways to celebrate Canada’s birthday.


There are some verses in the Bible that are more familiar than others. We see them on plaques and wall hangings, and we sing them in songs and hymns. One that rises to the top is Psalm 118:24, “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” One of the challenges with such a well know verse is that we can sing it, or say it, without thinking about what it really means. This verse is in the midst of a Psalm where the Psalmist is thinking back on all the challenging times that he has faced, and how the Lord has been faithful over and over again. And while the world may reject all that we stand for, God has provided for His people. The point is this – we must make this proclamation even on the worst day. It is easy to rejoice and be glad on good days. But if our faith is real, and our hope is truly in Christ, then we will make this proclamation even on the most challenging days. Rejoice and be glad today.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley