Words from the Heart for Sunday May 2nd, 2021

He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves.

Psalm 107:29 (NLT)

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Calming the Storm

Tornadoes are a significant hazard in some parts of Canada, particularly in the southern Prairie provinces and southwestern Ontario, though they are not as common as in some parts of the US. On average, about 60 tornadoes are reported each year, though many doubtless occur that are not observed or recorded in the Environment Canada records. An analysis of tornado frequencies with El Niño–Southern Oscillation events suggest that the cooler La Niña events tend to suppress tornadic activity, while El Niño events tend to enhance it. 


The Bible often speaks about God being the storm calmer. The Gospels tell us that among the 40 miracles Jesus performed here on earth was the calming of storms. As Creator of all things, it makes sense that He had all authority over the storms that so easily occur in the Sea of Galilee. King David, who lived centuries before Jesus, understood the power and authority that God has over storms, and not just meteorological ones. In Psalm 107:29 we read: “He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves.” We all face storm in our lives – and most are not physical. They are brought on by bad choices, sinful activities, the loss of a loved one, financial challenges and a variety of other causes. Jesus has authority over all of them. Remember, Jesus was with His disciples when the storms came up. He understands the storms you are facing. And He cares enough to speak into your storm and at just the right time will calm it. In the meantime, there is no need to fear. He is with you, and as He did with David and with the disciples, He will still the water with a whisper.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley