Words from the Heart for Sunday August 5th, 2018

He takes care of his flock like a shepherd. He gathers the lambs in his arms. He carries them close to his heart. He gently leads those that have little ones.

Isaiah 40:11 (NIRV)

Like a Shepherd

What a picture of the divine, tender stewardship of the Lord over all He has created. How do we view each other? Do we just see those with special needs as a burden? Our God instead looks upon even the “little ones” with special care. If we ask him, he will give us his heart of compassion as we serve others.

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Canada’s largest sheep farm is located near Sarto Manitoba, just outside of Steinbach. The average sheep farm in Canada has 50 to 80 ewes, although there are some with several thousand ewes. Canada Sheep & Lamb Farms, by comparison, has 30,000 of them, and it’s just getting warmed up. Its goal is to have 50,000 ewes by October, and 100,000 by 2022, making Manitoba the number one sheep producing province. This year, its ewes are expected to give birth to about 90,000 lambs.


One of the key themes of the Bible is God’s loving care for His people. It is often portrayed as a shepherd lovingly caring for his sheep, providing green pastures and still waters. When Jesus came He called Himself the Good Shepherd who loves His sheep so much that He would be willing to lay down His life for His sheep. This was a fulfillment of the Messianic prophecy in Isaiah 40:11, “He takes care of his flock like a shepherd. He gathers the lambs in his arms. He carries them close to his heart. He gently leads those that have little ones.” Jesus is the Shepherd Lord in this verse. He is the one who cares deeply for us, and who has laid down His life for us. We are the sheep that He holds close to His heart. What a beautiful picture the prophet paints here. You can count on this Good Shepherd taking care of you, leading you, providing for you. And when you need him the most He will be with you. Whatever your need right now, ask the Good Shepherd to carry you close to His heart.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley