Words from the Heart for Saturday September 29th, 2018

Praise him, all you mountains and hills. Praise him, all you fruit trees and cedar trees.Praise him, all you wild animals and cattle. Praise him, you small creatures and flying birds.

Psalm 148:9-10 (NIRV)

Praise from On the Earth

The voices of praise to the all-wise, all-powerful Creator are getting louder! Today look at your world around you with fresh eyes. See the mountains or hills that you take for granted. Notice the birds that may be flying overhead in formation. When you bite into a piece of fruit, make that your moment to praise the Lord. The miraculous creation of our God is all around us.

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The Canadian Arctic Archipelago, also known as the Arctic Archipelago, is a group of islands north of the Canadian mainland. Situated in the northern extremity of North America and covering about 1.4 million square kilometres, this group of 36,563 islands in the Arctic Sea comprises most of Nunavut and part of the Northwest Territories. Canadian sovereignty was originally only over island portions that drained into Foxe Basin, Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait, until Britain transferred the rest to Canada in 1880.


The animal kingdom is amazingly diverse. From the tiniest of microscopic life to the immense blue whale, animals are intriguing, majestic, colourful, overwhelming, frightening – I could go on and on. Each species has been specifically designed for its habitat, and has built into its DNA the desire to reproduce and flourish. The more we understand the intricacies of life, the more we are amazed at the creativity and genius of our God. The Psalmist wrote about this in Psalm 148:9-10, “Praise him, all you mountains and hills. Praise him, all you fruit trees and cedar trees. Praise him, all you wild animals and cattle. Praise him, you small creatures and flying birds.” Praise for the Creator pours forth from every part of the planet on which we live. The mountains proclaim His praise in their majesty and glory. The trees do in the beauty they give, the oxygen they produce that gives life and the fruit they provide. Animals, wild and domesticated, praise God in their camouflage, and in the joy and companionship they give us. You, too, are called to offer praise to your Creator. How can you do that best today?

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley