Words from the Heart for Saturday September 14th, 2019

I myself will tend my sheep and give them a place to lie down in peace, says the Sovereign Lord.

Ezekiel 34:15 (NLT)

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Tending Sheep

The consumption of lamb in Canada has been on a steady rise over the last few years, and research reports give a strong indication that consumption will continue to rise at a steady and predictable rate over the next few years. Sales of lamb and goat products, such as cheeses, milk, ground meat, and pâté, have also seen a major increase over the last few years. This increase in lamb consumption in Canada can be attributed to Canada’s increasingly diverse population, with growing ethnic communities.


The God who created you loves you. Jesus often spoke of going after His wandering sheep, and He was willing to leave the 99 to find the one that was lost. It is a beautiful picture of God’s great love for His people. It isn’t just a New Testament principle or picture. As far back as Ezekiel 34:15 we read, “I myself will tend my sheep and give them a place to lie down in peace, says the Sovereign Lord.” This reminds us of how David describes the Lord in the beloved 23rd Psalm. The Shepherd Lord makes us lie down in green pastures. God cares for His people. His desire that we would know the peace that only He can provide. God always knew exactly what His people needed to draw their hearts back to Himself. Even when He had to deal harshly with them, it was because He loved them and wanted their hearts to turn back to Him. He is the good shepherd who loves His sheep and wants the very best for them. For you. If your heart has wandered from the Lord, He is seeking you, desiring to lead you to the place of His rest and peace. Listen for the voice of your shepherd God.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley