Words from the Heart for Saturday July 3rd, 2021

Christ is the one who gives me the strength I need to do whatever I must do.

Philippians 4:13 (ERV)

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Strength athletics refers to the various strongman events throughout Canada and its provinces, in association with the World’s Strongest Man organization. The roots of strongman in Canada go back long before the birth of the organization in 1977, particularly with Louis Cyr in the early 1900s, who was deemed the “Strongest Man on Earth” during his lifetime. A Canadian has never won a WSM title, but Canadian athletes have finished on the podium three times.


So often our faith seems so weak. Like Paul in Romans 7, the things we don’t want to do we find ourselves so easily falling into. We genuinely want to be men and women of the living God, but in our own flesh we find ourselves weak and feeling helpless. How can we live in the victory that Bible speaks about for the people of God? Listen to what Philippians 4:13 says: “Christ is the one who gives me the strength I need to do whatever I must do.” When we depend on our own strength to live the Christian life, we will fail. But when we surrender to Jesus, when we allow Him to live His life through us, we will walk in victory. The Christian life is one that is lived on earth, but is secured in heaven. The battle we fight every day is fought in the spiritual realm and so victory much first take place in the spiritual realm. Only Jesus can win our battles, so we need to allow Him to fight those battles for us. We do that by daily surrendering to Him and inviting Him to fight our battles for us. He will do so and we will walk in victory.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley