Words from the Heart for Monday November 23rd, 2020

Christ gave each one of us a special gift. Everyone received what he wanted to give them.

Ephesians 4:7 (ERV)

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A Special Gift

If your Christmas shopping is already well under way, the cbc.ca website has a list of 12 quintessential Canadian gifts for friends and family near and far. They include such things as a Hudson Bay striped blanket, a stunningly beautiful, but challenging jigsaw puzzle of the Northern Lights, a striking leather shoulder pack with wheat detailing, handmade by Indigenous People in Winnipeg, and a soy candle with the scent of a “double double”. Every Canadian will know what the scent is on the first whiff.


If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, having trusted Him as your Saviour and Lord, you have a spiritual gift. Maybe more than one, but at least one. The apostle Paul tells us this in Ephesians 4:7: “Christ gave each one of us a special gift. Everyone received what he wanted to give them.” There are three Greek words in the New Testament that are translated as gifts. In this verse, the word is charisma. It is the same word that is used in Romans 12, where the charisma gifts are listed: prophecy, serving, teaching, encouraging, giving, leading and showing mercy. You have at least one of these gifts of grace – given according to the will of Jesus for the good of His Body, the Church. Jesus knows exactly what your church needs to function in a healthy way. So He has given you a gift. You are responsible for using that gift for the good of the fellowship in which He has placed you. Others in your church need you to discover your gift and then put it into practice. When you do, you will be a blessing to everyone else and will bring glory to God.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley