Words from the Heart for Monday March 8th, 2021

Those who give mercy to others are happy. Mercy will be given to them.

Matthew 5:7 (ICB)

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Give Mercy

US Presidents often grant clemency to individuals at the very end of their term. Canada also has a clemency statute, called the Royal Prerogative of Mercy. The power to exercise the Royal Prerogative of Mercy for federal offenses is vested in the Governor General of Canada. The Governor General may grant two types of pardons, free pardons and conditional pardons, and may also grant respites from the execution of a sentence. In addition, sentences, as well as fines, penalties or forfeitures “due and payable to the Queen in right of Canada,” may be remitted by the Governor General.


I was never the strongest of my friends. I was tall and skinny and gangly as a child and my bulkier friends would always win when, as boys will do, we tussled. I don’t know how many times my buddies would grab my arm, twisting it behind my back until I cried “uncle,” the universal sign of surrender. They would let go and before long we were back at it, laughing and roughhousing. It taught me a life lesson early – that mercy is a blessing and preserves relationships. That is true in human relationships and in our relationship with God. We are brought into relationship with Him through Jesus’ death on the Cross – the greatest offer of mercy in history. One of the key Kingdom of God principles is that those who have been shown mercy by Christ must then show mercy to others. In Matthew 5:7 we read the words of Jesus: “Those who give mercy to others are happy. Mercy will be given to them.” If you want to receive mercy, offer it first.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley