Words from the Heart for Monday July 16th, 2018

Every living thing looks to you for food. You give it to them exactly when they need it.

Psalm 145:15 (NIRV)

Looking to God for Food

This psalm is a wonderful celebration of how creation had a built-in system whereby every living thing had a food source and would be kept alive. This faithful provision of the Creator builds our faith. From nature we see that He is mindful of us. He has a plan to meet our needs, too.

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We understand that our ancient ancestors lived nomadically in order to find enough food to eat. But there are more recent examples of people having to do so as well. Established in 1916, at one point the southern Alberta community of Orion was home to about 150 residents. Its bustling main street featured general stores, a bank and a blacksmith. But faced with dust storms, drought and the economic downturn of the 1930s, the hamlet perished. Today, visitors can find streets of abandoned houses.


I live in a very productive part of Canada. Land stretching out far and wide. The ground produces some of the best crops anywhere on the planet, including grains, vegetables and fruit. Little produce stands line the country roads and highways. Food is plentiful and inexpensive. But this hasn’t always been the case, and in some parts of the world it remains a challenge. King David noticed that those who trusted in the Lord always had their food needs met. Psalm 145:15 says, “Every living thing looks to you for food. You give it to them exactly when they need it.” God has promised to provide for His people’s needs – Jesus taught His followers to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread” with the understanding that God would answer that prayer. He does it in a variety of ways. He gives good rain and good soil. He gives farmers the ability and experience. But sometimes He uses us, His people, His Body, to provide for those who are in need of the basics of life. How can you be the answer to someone’s prayer for food today?

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley