Words from the Heart for Friday November 30th, 2018

The Lord waters the mountains from his palace high in the clouds. The earth is filled with the things he has made.

Psalm 104:13 (NIRV)

Filled With the Things He has Made

What a wonderful picture from nature that takes us right back to our God in creation. In the beginning there was chaos and emptiness. With His words the Lord created an amazing world. The earth, the skies, and the depths of the sea were filled with what He had made. And, the Lord cares for what He made. He is not distant from us. Although He is the exalted Lord, He still is aware of our needs.

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Canadians are usually aware of things that are made in Canada. We know, for example, that many of Hollywood’s most popular movies, are actually filmed on location in Canada. What you may not know, however, is that New Brunswick-based McCain Foods makes one-third of all the frozen French fries produced in the world, and many come from a $65-million state-of-the art potato processing plant that’s in Florenceville-Bristol. This small town in western New Brunswick has taken on the moniker “The French Fry Capital of the World.”


I was once asked by a scientist how far “up” is. I told him I didn’t have a clue. He replied that up is halfway if indeed what goes up must come down. He then introduced the law of gravity. There is much about this world that we find hard to describe. If this is true of what we can experience with our senses, no wonder we find it so challenging to describe God, and the things of the spiritual realm. The Psalmist takes a stab at it in Psalm 104:13 where he says, “The Lord waters the mountains from his palace high in the clouds. The earth is filled with the things he has made.” His thinking is that God has a palace in the clouds and He rules and reigns all that He has made from that location. We know, of course, that God doesn’t live on a cloud somewhere – there is a great mystery here. He has chosen to take up residence, by His Holy Spirit, in each of those who have confessed Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. The earth is filled with His glory.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley