Words from the Heart for Friday June 8th, 2018

They all depend on you to give them food as they need it.When you supply it, they gather it. You open your hand to feed them, and they are richly satisfied.

Psalm 104:27-28 (NLT)

Richly Satisfied

When the Lord created the animals He built into the creation a supply of food. These eco-systems are a testimony to the faithfulness and ability of our God. From His open hand He willingly and sufficiently supplies their need and they are richly satisfied. Do you have a need today? His hand is open to you, too.

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According to Statistics Canada, in 2015, 93.2% of Canadians aged 12 and older, or roughly 27.3 million people, reported that they were satisfied or very satisfied with life. Overall there was no difference in life satisfaction between the sexes. Males and females aged 12 to 17 were the most likely to report being satisfied or very satisfied with life. Although more than 9 out of 10 people report a high level of satisfaction, this proportion decreases with age in both men and women.


If you own pets, you know how dependent they are on you for their daily needs. You take care to feed them and give them the water they need. You take them to the vet to make sure their shots are up to date, and you tend them when they are sick. I know pet owners who consider their animals as part of their family and love them as if they were their children. The Psalmist uses this as a picture of God’s care for us. Psalm 104:27-28 says, “They all depend on you to give them food as they need it. When you supply it, they gather it. You open your hand to feed them, and they are richly satisfied.” We work hard to put food on the table, and we are blessed in this country to have an abundance of food. But David reminds us that ultimately all that we have comes from the hand of God. He created the seeds and the plants, as well as the animals that we use for our daily food. So, while I am grateful to the farmers who supply our food, I’m most grateful to the God who created it all in the first place.

These have been words from the heart.
Bob Beasley