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Transforming remote and tribal communities through Biblical education

Children's Ministry in the Philippines

The Wild West of the Philippines

Lawless. Violent. Pagan. This is the reality of the “Wild West” of the northern Abra Province in the Philippines.

We had no peace, no joy, no hope at all,” 10-year-old Alma told us. “When my brother was sick, my father called the pagan priest to our home, and he would sacrifice a pig or a buffalo to appease the spirits. My brother ended up so sick that he was brain damaged.”

Vulnerable children like Alma and her brother deserve to be protected, loved and valued. Sadly, they have no way to break free from the poverty, superstition of their communities. But you can help to change that!

At the request of the Filipino Government, we run Bible classes in the public schools of the Abra province. We have reached 186 schools so far. But we still have 187 schools – and 10,000 children – to go!

For only $20, you can enrol one of these waiting children in our Bible classes and give them their very own Bible. When a Bible class started in Alma’s school, she immediately believed in Jesus. “Since that day, something changed in me. I have such joy, peace and great hope for the future.” Alma says.

Right now, there are still 10,000 children like Alma and her brother who are waiting for the hope of the gospel. Please give today to enrol a child like Alma in a Bible class that will completely transform their life. You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you for working with us to make sure every one of these 10,000 children hear about Jesus this year. With your generous and faithful support, we will make this happen! You can help to support us here.

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About the Philippines

The Philippines is a South East Asian country in the Western Pacific, comprising more than 7,000 islands and 80 provinces. The sprawling capital city, Manila, is famous for its waterfront promenade and centuries-old Chinatown. Intramuros, a walled city from colonial times, is at the heart of Old Manila. It is home to the baroque 16th century San Agustin Church as well as Fort Santiago, a storied citadel and military prison.

Capital: Manila
Population: 101 million
Human Development Index: 117th (out of 187 countries)
Life expectancy: 68.7 years
Religion83% Catholic, 5% Muslim, 2.8% Evangelical, 2.3% Iglesia ni Kristo, 4.5% other Christian, 2.4% other

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